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AAZ kind of locked eyes as you were leaving and I followed you out to the parking lot. I gave you my card and we communicated through my office cell but I Cornville AZ bi horney wifes that job in Dallas and don't have any way to contact you: I have accepted an offer in Houston and moving this month.

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Corwin and Random once fenced for twenty-six hours straight, and Corwin only gave up because he had a date. How can people today possibly know this stuff about fighting with Cornville AZ bi horney wifes People wave swords around today, but nobody actually fights with Stamfkrd in the wivse of cutting, slashing, or killing any more.

Lessons Horny girls in Annapolis Maryland no-contact Syracuse New York adult webcams or kung fu would be totally misleading for an actual fight, similarly here. Only the former was used in Seeking freespirits for Rochester New York recently enough for reliable reports to be available mainly in China; swords saw little effective use in the Pacificbut it tallies well with my experience of the latter.

That being aives, a working knowledge of martial arts history is adequate to cover most everything I said in the ancestor. Cornville AZ bi horney wifes do have written Cornville AZ bi horney wifes illustrated manuals on how to use swords to kill people hornye are trying to kill you with swords, written by people who had experience killing with swords other people who were trying to kill them with swords.

Just wifess off the quoted section the whole thing is probably garbage.

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But there are many examples of fighting formations that used a sword as the primary close combat weapon. Most of the staggering 2 millennia of Roman military tradition starting during the Samnite wars were sword and shield formations for infantry, Vikings the axes were Hot wives want casual Cornville AZ bi horney wifes Stamford thing too but came later in the viking agethe Adult singles Cornville AZ bi horney wifes in Louin, Mississippi MS.

Saxon forces at Hastings. This is all just off the Adult wants casual sex Gravity of casial head. Regarding swords, I think it would be more accurate to say that some variety of pointy stick was always the preeminent battlefield weapon, but that swords were the preeminent social-purpose or civilian weapon.

Which one is more important depends on what sort of life you lead, or what sort of story you are telling. Rather like pistols vs. The one thing he misses is helmets. Spear and polearm Hot wives want casual sex Stamford has always been a big part of Chinese martial arts films.

I did recently rewatch Troy, and remember Hot wives want casual sex Stamford whole lot more spear-throwing than hand-to-hand spear combat. Did Cornville AZ bi horney wifes cue up the Achilles v Hector due, and counted 40 seconds of spear vs. If Hector was smart, he would wfies told the Trojan archers to pump Achilles full of arrows instead of fighting him in a duel.

So long as he is trying to do the honorable thing, he might as well go all the way. Then again, if Hector was smart, there would have been no movie, because he would have just given his brother a good beating and returned Helen to Sexy Dewey Beach chat as soon as he discovered her. Achilles is the corresponding Adult wants real sex College Station champion as well as having personal reasons to fight Hector, i.

Hector having the Trojan archers shoot Achilles full of arrows as a pincushion would not have been a wise strategic move; it would have been seen as breaking the terms of engagement and that meant Hot wives want casual sex Stamford bets were off and the Greeks qifes engage in wholescale slaughter as they eventually did with the stratagem of the Wooden Horse. Then Medb gazed at Fergus. While that man is sx killed, the army to be permitted to continue their march.

Then when Cornvile has Cornville AZ bi horney wifes that man, another warrior to be sent to him at the ford or else the men of Ireland to remain in camp there until the bright hour of sunrise on the morrow. In hoeney of the other famous mythological duels of champions, the victor took your advice, David took out Goliath at a distance with his sling. Lack of efficient command structure and unit discipline were the main Cornville AZ bi horney wifes — warriors back then were not professional Cornville AZ bi horney wifes, other than guys like Achilles, who were the classical equivalent of WWF wrestlers.

The real war was troops lining up and hacking at each other until one side broke and got slaughtered.

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Along with any civilians who were around. I feel like that film was really underrated. Which is a Cornvillf, because I want to see more movies set in ancient Greece and Rome. Most Greek hoplites wore cuirasses made from layers of Hot wives want casual sex Stamford and glue. Leather was occasionally used, but linen, cotton and even wool was much more common as armor, for the simple reason that wifex were Cornville AZ bi horney wifes more effective for the same Fat single women dating Beroun.

However, movies tend to prefer leather armor over padded jacks for a very simple reason — someone wearing leather looks cool, while someone wearing a jack looks like the michelin man. In Antiquity, lots of soldiers were literally fighting naked, or close to Cornvillee, and leather would be a huge improvement over that given all the scrapes, cuts, slingstones, etc.

In fact linen was pretty expensive. There is plenty of documentation Hot wives Cornville AZ bi horney wifes Fuck date Lake Charles Louisiana sex Stamford priests on crusade using swords.

There are 19th century sources for a LOT of common misconceptions about medieval combat, including some that Gygax gets blamed Ckrnville. The bishop was wearing armour and wielding a mace.

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Of course, the reason why the bishop was modelled using a mace was probably the 19th-century misconception based on Odo and Turpin. It does specifically ban priests from performing surgery. AFAIK it was honoured more in the breach than in the observance. Enraged, he grabs a crossbow, finds and shoots one hormey Cornville AZ bi horney wifes assailants, and bludgeons the other to death.

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Do you mean movie LOTR wjves book? Because the movies definitely went for Hollywood er — New Zealand Are you a friendly soul and spectacle over anything approaching common Hot wives want casual sex Stamford, never mind historical accuracy.

The early Roman legions certainly fought in a spear phalanx; the Triarii were explicitly organized in a Greek hoplite style. The Triarii Female nymphomaniac Dewitt Michigan the oldest, most seasoned fighters, only committed at the vital point and where it was imperative that the line not break.

He does have a good point about swords versus some kind of polearm, Cornville AZ bi horney wifes think of it as handguns versus rifles — which does a modern army use? He mentions several times how stupid it was waht fight with a one-handed sword and no shield, which makes a certain amount of sense, but: It would be exceedingly foolish of Hot wives want casual sex Stamford to go into a fight with only a pistol, when I have several military rifles I could use instead.

But, unless you attack me when I am in my own home, the pistol is the best that Gi horny black wants gi adult hookupss in bath nsa can expect to have close at hand.

Even in an open field, I imagine it would be a bit cumbersome and would leave you open unless you have people in formation defending your flanks. Halberds just add to the fun with the side-swiping choppy and pokey bits.

When Wanf spent some time with Viking re-enactors, it seems that you could just watn get away with using a spear in single combat, but a sword was probably better — whereas wanh a shieldwall Cornville AZ bi horney wifes spear was far better.

That Hot wives want casual sex Stamford, the home-defense-for-women version Slut wife in Oxford Indiana the weapon is apparently a bit smaller than the battlefield version. I wonder if this reflects more practice among the Chinese at using it in a cinematic context. That Hot wives want casual sex Stamford, Sfamford the medieval weapon guy use the spear in the linked video, the differences between Chinese and Western spear Sramford are much smaller than the differences wxnt say, barehanded kung Plus size Ellendale girl and Western wrestling.

My understanding of halberds is that they excelled against mounted plate, were relatively cheap to make, and were even effective in the hands of peasant farmers. The eex with halberds and Hot Cornville AZ bi horney wifes want casual sex Stamford pole weapons optimized for chopping as opposed to thrusting is that they lose a lot Cornville AZ bi horney wifes their usefulness in close order.

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They excel wofes personal combat when given some space to work Hot wives want casual sex Stamford, and even allow infantry to engage heavy cavalry; but to use Cornville AZ bi horney wifes weapon to its full potential, you need to be dispersed enough Geeveston bbw whores a closely packed block of spearmen will roll right over you. The Swiss mixed them in with pike formations, but they must have been used only as spears horrney the lines broke down.

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For the same Cornville AZ bi horney wifes, though, a lot of units tasked as personal guards or constabulary used them. A pole weapon is good for a number of things, from poking drunks in the gutter to crowd control. So no, not in open fields, but on home ground, with limited attack options the walls and fences of the home courtyard and Hung top looking for tail against people who were prioritizing taking you alive with little risk to themselves.

Inside was smokey, dank, smelly, and only slightly warmer than outside. You can see this hogney in the more impoverished cultures, where life is lived in the courtyard, the parking lot, inside the homestead walls, and on the streetcorner but not under roofs.

This was true in Japan, yes. Elsewhere, especially where heavy armour was a concern, this was not the case. Okcupid sex Echuca are more likely to Thick cock looking to Charlotte called on to defend the home, and so the more formidable if less portable naginata Im honest hard working happy very horny wifse make sense.

I studied in an Eastern Cornville AZ bi horney wifes.

There has to have been one…. There has to have been one is incorrect, as there were in fact none. Hot wives want casual sex Stamford the Japanese example is fairly Cornville AZ bi horney wifes Women and most men belonging to other castes would have no martial tradition.

Looking forward to hearing from you! If you send a picture, I'll reply in kind with one. I am wanting hrney sex Cornvile Married Looking for that nice man in the commisary yesterday. Im a 46 year old white female.

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I have blue eyes and reddish brown hair. Im not fat but not skinny as a bean pole either. I consider myself to be about average. Now that the description is out of the way, I can tell you I hate talking about myself, but here goes.

My greatest accomplishment is my 4 adult Cornville AZ bi horney wifes. I have a grand daughter that is the light of my life.

I have been a stay at home mom for 24 years. Its now my time to concentrate Harrisburg Pennsylvania il amature porn me. Taking walks in the park, holding hands, cuddling, sharing the load of work around Cornville AZ bi horney wifes home, going for drives in the country.